Ongoing Compliance Support

Andrew Shuttlewood

Head of Business Development

We've spent over 15 years' helping firms to manage their regulatory responsiblities - it's what we do everyday - and during that time we've learnt a few things about compliance. Our services are designed to help you spend less time sweating about regulation and more time on growing your business.

Our Ongoing Compliance Service provides support across all aspects of FCA regulation.

Compliance Hub document resource

Covering 10 key business areas, the Compliance Hub is our comprehensive resource of document templates and plans. Written by our expert policy team and regularly updated to reflect the FCA's latest guidance, as a Member you simply download these resources and add your company information. And that's it - you're operating compliantly.

GDPR hub

Ahead of the implementation of the General Data Protection Regulation on May 25th 2018, the Consumer Credit Centre launched a dedicated GDPR hub to provide all the guidance your business needs.

The new GDPR regulation applies to all UK firms that handle data and the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) has been clear that there is no bedding in period within which there will be leniency. Any business that holds the details of past, present or potential clients will need to operate in a compliant manner from that date.

CCC helpdesk

Of course, sometimes you're going to need to speak to a friendly human being - don't worry, we've got plenty of those. Our expert helpdesk is available to answer your queries, no matter how small. Whether it's talking you through the submission of data to the FCA, covering the risk measures you need to take or explaining how to deal with a complaint, our team have heard every query before and will offer you clear guidance on what's required.

GABRIEL support

Getting your GABRIEL return right is a crucial part of your responsibilities under the FCA; it's also one of the most challenging. We support over 3,000 GABRIEL returns each year - we reckon that qualifies us as experts. We have detailed online guidance with screengrabs of each section, while our helpdesk team can offer additional support as you need it.

Financial promotions

They way in which you describe your services to consumers is another key aspect of the FCA's supervisory remit. From your website to offline advertising to how your documents describe payment terms, getting financial promotions wrong can be a costly affair and bring further regulatory scrutinty. Fortunately, our helpdesk team are on-hand to provide detailed guidance on what you can say and how you need to say it.

FCA supervision

Firms regulated by the FCA will be subject to ongoing supervisory work. This could mean a change in the processes you are expected to follow, or that you must display new information on your company's website, or that you must gather more information about your customers - or any number of other possibilities. Come what may, you can rest assured that we'll be developing our services to ensure you're kept abreast of what is required.

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