Ayesha Patel

Business Development Executive

"It's been a pleasure working with the Consumer Credit Centre, what we believed would be a stressful costly and time consuming experience was made simple by the applications team

We would describe everyone there as professional, knowledgeable and really easy to deal with and we cannot recommend them highly enough."

Mike Geddes, Asset Finance Solutions (UK) Limited

"A very big thank you from the team at Finpoint for assisting with our complex application to the FCA for full permissions. We had heard the usual horror stories about lengthy delays in the application process but, thanks to SimplyBiz, the process was painless and our application approved without delay. Great job done to the highest of standards  that now allows us to move forward with our business plan.”

Guy Bridge, FINPOINT Ltd

"The cost, support and speed with which you dealt with our reasonably complex setup was very impressive.  The support was thorough and the application was completed with little effort or kick back from the FCA once the application was submitted.  Very pleased we selected the Consumer Credit Centre to see us through the process."

Gareth Young, Ballyvesey Holdings Ltd

"The service received from the Consumer Credit Centre was excellent; my Authorisation Co-ordinator, Mark Jessop, was brilliant in giving real, human, down to earth advice about the application process.  As a new company I believe that our application was relatively unusual and Mark’s confidence throughout the process was the assurance that I needed that we’d get there, and we did.  I was almost always able to get hold of Mark straight away and when I requested a call back, I got it.  This was a refreshing change from the approach taken by other organisations involved in the process."

I would highly recommend Consumer Credit Centre to other businesses embarking on a similar application with the FCA.

Tom Roberts, Moorgate Finance Limited

"F.C.A.  Three little letters that can strike fear into many, especially the smaller brokerages of one or two members.

The people that took this fear away and made the process understandable and straightforward were Consumer Credit Centre and especially our direct contact, Mark Jessop. Nothing was too much trouble and the professional way in which what must have seemed like basic or irrelevant questions were dealt with made the process bearable and ultimately successful.

The quality of the support with all the back-up paperwork that has been made available more than covers the fee charged. This alliance allows us as brokers do what we do well and process business without the distraction of the necessary compliance paperwork issues, knowing that we are legal.

I would have no hesitation in recommending the services of the Consumer Credit Centre and long may they be there in the background providing assistance."

Paul Restall, RFL Credit

"We are a small team of seven asset finance specialists. We have a combined specific industry experience of 211 years service, yet when we went for our full authorisation from the Financial Conduct Authority, irrespective of the massive experience we have as a team, knowing what exactly the FCA wanted, and exactly how they wanted it was a major problem. Added to this we went for authorisation to include ‘Appointed Representatives’, so needed to nail everything down.

The Consumer Credit Centre were wonderful in steering us through this. It quickly became evident that we needed to embrace the FCA requirements with open arms, and adapt our systems accordingly. The Consumer Credit Centre were exceptional. The staff very knowledgeable, and without exception, whenever we wanted assistance (and however many times this was asked for), it was there, quickly, and in a very friendly manner. I could not speak more highly of them.

Please will you pass on our thanks to all the staff that assisted us. They went over and beyond the call of duty."

John Davies, Business Finance Trust